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Animated Logos Design

We offer a most convenient method to create a full-fledged animated logo for your brand.

Logos have long been a great technique to establish your brand identity. That’s because Logo Nests is just one of those brands that makes use of great innovations. So gear up, create a logo animation and make your business look great with our amazing logo animations and earn your brand an identity that sustains for the longest period of time!

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In a world of infinite possibilities, experience is everything.
Using our experience to make your digital experience brighter

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In a world of infinite possibilities, experience is everything.
Using our experience to make your digital experience brighter

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Years of experience have enabled us to simplify our process as much as possible. All you need to do is provide us with a small brief of your project to tell us what you are looking for and we will manage the rest. We appreciate your feedback at every step of our way!





What Clients Say?


Kevin Cooper

Managing Director

Logo Nest specializing in both 2D & 3D animation including production of explainer videos, product demos, mobile app demos, corporate animated videos as well as character design. We work for both Fortune 500 companies and emerging new brands. Some of our clients include: Miami Air International, CanTrack Global, Universal ID and Photobox Group.


Emily Jordan

Head of Marketing

The website received positive feedback and drove an increase in sales. Flexible and efficient, the team produced high-quality content within a short period. Logo Nest innovative ideas and hands-on approach made for a fruitful partnership. They produced landing pages of varying lengths to be used on a website and for marketing campaigns.


Louis Martin

Technology Head

We are excited to be working with Logo Nest and building on their Chain of Custody solution. It has helped set the foundation for the Responsible Gold Supply Chain and Emergent Technology's ability to track gold from mine to vault.


Chris Martin

Sales Manager

Manufacturers, encourage your IT team or solution provider to find out more. We have a problem to solve and a proven technology to solve it. Let's show the Pharma supply chain we can embrace it and be a technology leader.

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